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7 Dorm Room Essentials

Preparing to start college is an exciting time in your life. You will meet new people and embark on new adventures. Most likely, one of those new adventures will be living in a dorm room! As you begin packing, you might be wondering what you need to bring. While the list is long, we have compiled seven must-have dorm room essentials (from our own experience) to help get you through the semesters ahead.

1. Long Power Strips

In your dorm room, there may not be enough outlets for your electronics. Bring a few long multi-socket power strips so you can plug in everything you need at once and protect your employees from power surges.

2. Blackout Curtains

College schedules can be crazy and may have you sleeping unusual hours. You will likely find yourself studying all night and needing to catch up on sleep during the day. We recommend you bring a pair of blackout curtains, so you can sleep like it is nighttime at noon!

3. Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Dorm life is fun because there is always something going on. Students are hanging out with friends, playing games or watching sports. However, fun usually means noise. If you are trying to study while others are not, activities down the hall might be distracting. Bring some good noise-cancelling headphones so you can hit the books in peace.

4. A Wireless Printer

There are probably printers in the library, but you will be surprised how many times you need to print something in a pinch! If you have a printer in your dorm room, you will not need to worry about making a pit stop on your way to class to turn in that research paper.

5. Candle Warmer

Lighting candles is forbidden in dorm rooms, which is a bummer, because how else are you going to make your dorm room smell awesome? Instead, bring a plug-in candle warmer. This will allow you to safely heat up the wax fill your room with delicious scents!

6. Handheld Vacuum

Dorm rooms are typically small, and get dirty fast. In addition to cleaning supplies, bring a lightweight handheld vacuum and use it every few days to keep things tidy.

7. Coffee Maker

College life is all about convenience. Having a coffee maker in your dorm room will save you time and money. Instead of stopping by the coffee shop on the way to class, brew a fresh cup to take with you. You will be even more thankful for the easily accessible coffee when you are pulling an all-nighter and need a burst of energy.

Living in a dorm is exciting, and with these essential items, you will be ready to face college life head-on! Need a place to store this cool stuff between semesters? My STORAGE Hero can pick up your things from your dorm and store them during the break and return them to you. Contact us today!