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Full-Service Storage vs. Self-Storage

There are many occasions where people utilize rented storage space, including; decluttering prior to listing a home for sale, house staging, between the sale and purchase of a home, additional space needed for apartment dwellers, summer storage during college, downsizing for retirement – the list goes on. Whatever the reason, when storage space is needed, people tend to think of only one option: self-storage.

However, in many markets, self-storage facilities aren’t the only option for consumers. There is an alternative option emerging in cities across the nation; full-service, valet storage. The full-service storage solution offers an easier way to store goods for busy consumers that do not have time to hassle with storage facilities, truck rental companies or finding the manpower to transport items back and forth from their homes to a traditional storage facility.

When it comes to full-service storage solutions, My Storage Hero is a leading storage company working to transform self-storage into help-storage.
The following five differentiators outline why My Storage Hero may be the smarter solution for you:

No Need to Leave Your Home

If the thought of bringing your stuff to a storage unit makes you cringe, keep reading. One of the top perks of hiring My Storage Hero is that you don’t need to leave your house. Our team of experts (we like to call them heroes) come straight to you! We load your belongings and bring them back to our secure warehouse for safekeeping. You don’t have to lift a finger, except maybe to give one of our heroes a high-five or a fist bump!

Easy, Online Process

Our technology platform allows you to complete the entire storage booking process, including payment, online in a matter of minutes. Simply choose your storage plan, get pricing and reserve your space. Our team of professional heroes will promptly pick up your items and – just like that – you’re done!

Photo Inventory

What’s worse than having to put your belongings in storage? Forgetting what you put in there to begin with. We’ve got that problem solved. Through our online portal, you can view a full photo inventory of your items online, day or night. If you find you need something right away, simply request a partial delivery online and we’ll deliver it to you for a small fee.

Vaulted Storage in Secure Facilities – We Own

With our full-service storage solution, your items are kept in a secure, indoorwarehouse that is monitored 24/7. Unlike many other full-service storage companies, we don’t broker our services out to other warehouse owners. We privately own and operateall of our storage facilities. We secure all belongings in a fully enclosed wooden vault stored in a dry, well-protected area, six inches off the ground. You don’t have to worry about the outdoor elements, or rodents and pests, creeping into your space.

Hassle-Free Convenience

Guess what else you won’t miss about self-storage? You won’t miss having tobribe a friend or relative with pizza to help you move your belongings, or hassle with renting a truck. You won’t have to worry about deposits, gate codes or keeping track of multiple sets of keys.Rain or shine, extreme cold or heat – you won’t have to worry about loading and unloading your unit in the elements – our heroes will gladly save the day!
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