Pricing | My Storage Hero


Our storage plans:

  • Large Closet(5'x 7')

    Get Pricing Starting From $75/mo.
  • One bedroom(10'x 15')

    Get Pricing Starting From $99/mo.
  • Two Room(15'x 20')

    Get Pricing Starting From $179/mo.

We want you to understand all of your costs up front, so we’re making it simple! You’ll pay a monthly fee for the storage plan you choose, plus the following:

  • Initial pick-up of your items: $125
  • Final delivery of your items: $125
  • Optional services available at an additional cost:
  • Any additional pick-up or delivery during the storage duration: $40/ea Professional packing services: Request quote
*After-hours pick-ups and deliveries subject to additional fees

No hidden charges or fees, the cost for our services is transparent. We’ll never try to have you pay for something that you are not completely aware of upfront. Included in our pricing is a standard valuation at $.60/pound.

There’s no need to sign a multi-month commitment – we proudly offer short and long-term plans, as well as a month-to-month agreement. For additional storage options or special requests, please contact us for more information.