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Space-Saving Dorm Organization Hacks

Let’s face it, if you’re like most college students, your dorm room isn’t exactly an expansive palace. In fact, most dorm rooms are relatively tiny but that doesn’t mean you can’t live like royalty in your small space. Use these dorm organization hacks to help you save valuable space, feel super organized and ready to tackle the semester ahead.

Your brain may feel cluttered, but your dorm room sure won’t be!

1. Save Space with Collapsible Furniture

If you want extra seating for when your friends visit but don’t want to give up valuable floor space, consider purchasing a few collapsible fabric chairs.

Keep them in your closet or under your bed when they aren’t being used. Available at Bed Bath & Beyond

2. Use a Peg Board for School Supplies

Keep your desk clutter-free by hanging a peg board on the wall to hold supplies that you need easy access to.

Peg boards are especially great because you can customize them just the way you want using various configurations and accessories.  Try this setup from Pinterest

3. Maximize Floor Space Under Your Bed

Another one of our dorm organization hacks is bed risers. This small change will instantly provide extra room for storage under your bed.

Consider placing colorful bins and tubs in the extra space, to store seasonal clothes or linens. Buy them from Target

4. Store Snacks in an Over-the-Door Pocket Organizer

No pantry, no problem! Instead of stuffing your packaged snacks in a drawer, store them in a clear over-the-door pocket organizer. Get this one from Bed Bath & Beyond

5. Use Couch Organizers for your Bed

If you don’t have space for a bedside table or you want to minimize the clutter, grab a couple hanging couch organizers and slip them in between your mattress and box spring.

They are great for holding things like books, slippers, glasses and TV remotes.  Available from Wayfair

6. Use a Rolling Utility Cart for Miscellaneous Items

A utility cart comes in handy when storing an assortment of items that you don’t have room to put anywhere else. Maybe you need extra space for plates, utensils, paper goods or cleaning supplies.

Most carts have multiple shelves, fit in small spaces and are completely mobile! Buy it from IKEA

7. 3M Command Hooks are your Best Friend

Use 3M Command hooks to hang anything and everything! These hooks come in all different sizes and weight capacities, so you can easily hang jewelry, keys, towels and much more.

These hooks are specially designed to be removed without leaving damage or residue where they hang, so you don’t have to worry when you move out! See all available varieties here

8. Use an Adjustable Shelf Over your Mini Fridge

Instead of stacking your microwave or coffee maker directly on top of your mini fridge, add vertical storage space with an adjustable metal shelf that will not only hold the smaller appliances but provide plenty of room for dry goods as well. Try this one from DormCo

9. Extend your Desk Space with a Bookshelf Hutch

A bookshelf hutch is a good idea if your desk is small, or if the dorm room does not come with a standalone bookshelf.

Use this space to store textbooks, notebooks, folders and magazines. Buy it from DormCo

No matter how small your living quarters, rest assured these space-saving dorm organization hacks will help you stay sane, organized and ready to conquer the semester ahead.