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What to Expect: Self-Storage With Home Pickup

The storage game is changing. Valet storage companies are rapidly emerging in markets across the U.S. to offer customers an alternative to self-storage. Instead of taking your items to a self-storage unit yourself, these valet storage companies will pick up, store and deliver your items for you! It’s like self-storage with home pick up. Consumers are eager to take advantage of this convenience, and who could blame them?

This new service is seemingly stress-free and arguably easier than the traditional self-storage model. Read more on Full-Service Storage Vs. Self-Storage HERE.

If this is your first time hiring a valet storage company, you probably don’t know what to expect – except maybe a hassle-free experience. We have outlined some of the things you can expect when hiring a full-service valet storage company, like My STORAGE Hero.


Easy online booking

While you can shop pricing for self-storage units online, it is rare that you can complete the entire booking and payment process without being present at the facility. With My STORAGE Hero, everything can be completed online (or by phone, if you prefer). You can expect the process to be quick, easy and flexible! VIEW PRICING AND GET STARTED


Home pickup and drop-off delivery service

This is the most popular reason for hiring a valet storage company, and for good reason! My STORAGE Hero crews are friendly and professional and arrive promptly at your home to gather your items, load them on a truck and take them to our secure storage facility. The same can be said for drop offs and final delivery of your items.

Pick ups, single item drop offs and final deliveries can be requested online and scheduled any day except Sunday, at a time that is convenient for you. Self-storage can’t do that!


Affordable pricing

Convenience does not always come with a higher price tag. In fact, this high-touch service is comparable to most self-storage facilities. You may even be able to save money, depending on the amount of space needed and desired storage duration. With My STORAGE Hero you can expect no deposits or hidden fees.


Security and reliability

Valet storage companies, including My STORAGE Hero, use state of the art warehouse facilities to store customers’ belongings. These warehouses are securely monitored 24/7, and free from outdoor elements and pests.

Unlike our competitors, My STORAGE Hero owns and operates our warehouse facilities which gives us full control over your belongings. You can expect your belongings to be kept safe and secure.


Hassle-free process

Valet storage companies preach convenience, because it is true! My STORAGE Hero’s expert crews operate with a customer-centric mentality and aim to make your experience as painless as possible. Though the valet storage process will flow seamlessly, it is important to understand what is expected of you as a consumer. Here is a complete list of WAYS TO PREPARE FOR YOUR VALET STORAGE PICKUP.


Understanding what to expect when you hire a valet storage company will help provide an easy, seamless storage experience. Have questions? We can help! CONTACT US TODAY.